CC4C Micro Marathon 4 Inspiration

The CC4C Micro Marathon 4 Inspiration is a 2.62 mile run-walk to raise funds for children with rare or undiagnosed disorders. This year’s 4th annual CC4C Micro Marathon 4 Inspiration is on Sunday, September 27th at the Hill Country Galleria.

The CC4C mission is “To bring hope, help and inspiration to families of children suffering from rare or undiagnosed medical conditions and use our resources to reduce time to diagnosis.”

This is the largest fundraiser for these children and will be attended by champions such as The Undertaker from WWE, Tonia Streeter, Holly Mills-Gardener, Mark Henry, The World’s Strongest Man and 10 x Boston Marathoner Talaya Frazier. All donations to the foundation are given directly to the supplier of such goods and/or services provided to the child and child’s family.

For more information and registration, visit the CC4C page here.

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