Bike Nights at Circuit of the Americas are Back!

Starting next Tuesday, March 12th, the weekly Bike rides at COTA are back for 2019. Every Tuesday, the Austin cycling community gathers at COTA for some midweek fun. First, take a ride along the famous F1 track. The track boasts a large hill to push riders endurance with a steep incline into a long, speedy decline to test out your bike's top speed. If you're looking for a more casual ride, though, there is a bypass option for those looking to take it a little easier.

The F1 track is a great place to ride for a number of reasons. A big plus of riding at COTA is the safety factor. With no cars to worry about, COTA is a perfect place to take the family for a ride. In addition, for more advanced riders, the course is challenging. It is a great place to get your Tuesday night training in for the big cycling race or triathlon you've been preparing for.

COTA Bike Nights are a fantastic way to interact with the Austin fitness community. The ride starts at 5:30 p.m. and riders are encouraged to use the track until sunset. Once it's dark outside, riders are welcomed to the Paddock Biergarten for delicious hamburgers, hotdogs and beers until 9:30 p.m.

To sign up, visit See you Tuesday night!

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